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Precise and fast handling with the Linde Multifunction Lever

Everything under control
The Multifunction Lever by Linde Material Handling

High rack warehouses, logistics centers, and refrigerated warehouses require forklift trucks that can reach the greatest of heights in the narrowest of spaces. The Linde R10 – R25reach trucks were developed specifically for these requirements. As nimble special-purpose trucks, they boast exceptional handling performance when storing and retrieving pallets in rack levels up to 13.4 meters high. Under these challenging conditions, the pressure is particularly on the operator to move an ever-increasing volume of goods safely, precisely, and quickly. The key to maximum productivity is the perfect interplay between man and machine. To achieve this, Linde developed a new interface: the Multifunction Lever.

The Multifunction Lever by Linde Material Handling inside the truck

A tool for all occasions

It makes operating the R10 – R25 reach trucks effortless. Its extraordinary shape, which fits perfectly in the hand, creates a seamless union between operator and truck for safe, easy, and efficient operation.

Modeled on the human hand

The hand is indispensable for many everyday activities, so it deserves special protection. The top priority when developing the Multifunction Lever was to make operating it less strenuous on the driver’s hand. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer IAO, Linde designed an ergonomic model on which all finger joints and areas of the palm can move. This study formed the basis for the unique shape of the human machine interface. Developed in partnership with Porsche Design, it offers excellent ergonomics and easy, fast operation.

The Multifunction Lever by Linde Material Handling inside the truck


The shape of the Linde Multifunction Lever is perfectly adapted to the human anatomy. The operator’s hand sits in its natural, relaxed position on the control lever, which creates an almost organic connection between operator and truck. Linde was particularly interested in ensuring an accurate fit for hands of all sizes. This means that it can be comfortably used by shorter as well as taller operators without causing fatigue.

  • Joystick as an anatomically precise counterpart to the hand
  • Relaxed operation with comfortable posture
  • Optimized for all hand sizes

The hand of the forklift driver rests on the multifunction lever from Linde Material Handling


The Linde Multifunction Lever makes it possible to carry out all the essential control functions on the 1120 series reach trucks with one hand. The forward, back, raise and lower functions can be controlled with the hand in all four directions. This intuitive arrangement allows the operator to focus entirely on the load and achieve higher handling speeds. A unique feature is the integrated side shifter-centering and horizontal alignment of the forks. Both can be controlled on two wheels with slight movements of the index and middle fingers. This makes load handling easier as the fork can be centered before storage or retrieval. This means that the operator can use the maximum adjustment path in all directions to make corrections. The Multifunction Lever is available in two different designs: with and without direction of travel control. It is also designed for use in refrigerated warehouses, down to temperatures of -30 °C.

  • All essential control functions in a single unit
  • Integrated side shifter control and horizontal alignment of the forks
  • Designed for use in refrigerated warehouses

Employee stores goods in a Linde Material Handling vehicle.


When performing repetitive transport and stacking tasks, there is a high risk of fatigue. Linde is combating this fatigue with the new Multifunction Lever, whose ergonomic design allows the hand to be relaxed and alleviates the strain on the operator. The fingertip control allows pallets to be transported and stacked with the slightest of movements without exerting any force. The lower arm remains comfortably positioned on an armrest, which keeps the arm relaxed during the demanding storage and retrieval processes. The control helps carry out precise, safe maneuvers and prevent accidents.

  • Ergonomic shape for fatigue-free working
  • Control without physical exertion
  • Work safety by alleviating the strain on the operator

Employee operating the multifunction lever in a Linde Material Handling vehicle


The armrest means that all control movements occur from the wrist, so no unnecessary strain is placed on the lower arm. This makes the millimeter-perfect maneuvering of pallets a breeze, even at great heights – all without even looking at the control lever. The operating concept is so intuitively designed that no second glance is needed to check whether the hand is in the right position.

  • Armrest for calm, precise movements
  • Focus on the load for millimeter-perfect operation

Employee puts his hand on the multifunction lever from Linde Material Handling

Video about the Multifunction Lever by Linde Material Handling

The benefits of the Linde Multifunction Lever at a glance


The shape of the Linde Multifunction Lever is modeled on the human hand and enables comfortable operation.


The intuitive access to all essential functions in one control unit contributes to high handling performance.


Gentle and precise control movements in a comfortable posture prevent fatigue and accidents.


The Linde Multifunction Lever responds to the slightest control movements with the fingertips to support millimeter-precise storage and retrieval.

Additional features

Rack Protection Sensor from Linde Material Handling

Rack Protection Sensor

Distances of several meters separate the pallet from the driver during storage and retrieval activities at high rack levels. While the operator is focused on the goods, there is a risk of collision with the rack. Potential damage is prevented by the Linde Rack Protection Sensor (RPS), which automatically brakes the reach truck. The assistance system measures the distance to the rack within a radius of 5 meters and brings the truck to a standstill from a speed of up to 5 km/h. The RPS supports the operator when carrying out difficult load maneuvers in tight spaces at great heights, and contributes to safe and efficient operation. At the same time, it saves on costs for protection systems on the racks themselves and on the replacement of damaged storage systems. The Linde Rack Protection Sensor can even be retrofitted in older models.

Green light on the forks of a Linde Material Handling truck

Green light on the forks

An assistance system that illuminates the forks in green can be added to allow the operator to position the forks at exactly the right height. The green lights ensure optimal visibility of the forks, especially in dark aisles. This optical assistance improves both safety and handling performance.

Screen of the Linde Vision System shows the images from the installed cameras

Linde Vision System

To optimize the often poor view of pallets in high rack rows, the R10 – R25 reach trucks from the 1120 series can be equipped with the Linde Vision System. The video system transmits two camera images on the mast and on the roof so that the operator can clearly follow the pallet, even when faced with high racks. The unique positioning of the mast camera below the forks provides an exceptionally precise view of the forks and pallet.