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Intralogistics and Automation Solutions for Your Sector

The Perfect Solution for Every Application
Automated forklifts from Linde Material Handling in use in the warehouse

The rapid development of the markets requires large-scale adaptations in intralogistics across all sectors. Solutions for automated intralogistics from Linde Material Handling can help your company to work more safely, efficiently, and economically. You will find an overview of the various industries, your requirements, and the Linde solutions that have already been implemented.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

In mechanical and plant engineering, the efficiency of your production process will primarily be determined by your internal material flow. It is crucial to ensure that the production lines are seamlessly supplied with materials, so that intralogistics and production form one smooth yet flexible process. Interconnected production environments and automated processes lay the foundation for the smart factory of tomorrow. Our application examples show what has already been achieved with Linde solutions.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Sector: Mechanical engineering

Task: Create a safe, efficient, and flexible production supply system, making the best possible use of space

Linde solution: Plan and implement a high rack warehouse and deliver high lift picking trucks and tow tractors

Yanmar Compact Equipment Europe

Sector: Mechanical engineering

Task: Set up a high-performance logistics center in a former production hall

Linde solution: Develop and implement a uniform racking and logistics concept and supply suitable narrow aisle trucks

Production Industry

The central strategic mission of many companies in the production industry today is to increase their own competitiveness and capture new market share. The prerequisites for this are stable production and distribution processes that can provide materials at any time according to need. Many companies are already using automated or part-automated processes to get the most out of their operations. Our application examples demonstrate how Linde solutions can help you to do this.


Sector: Plastic piping systems and polymer compounds

Task: Automation of goods transport between packaging line and dynamic storage

Linde solution: Implementation of two autonomous Linde L-MATIC pallet stackers with geo-navigation and infrastructure networking


Sector: Packaging industry

Task: Replace the existing lead-acid trucks in narrow aisle warehouse, increase ergonomics and availability

Linde solution: Implementation of two Linde K trucks with Li-ION technology, BlueSpot™ and personal safety equipment and connection to the existing warehouse management system


Sector: Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and solar technology

Task: Implement an automated transport solution between the packing warehouse and dispatch area

Linde solution: Supply and installation of an autonomous Linde L-MATIC pallet stacker


Sector: Metalworking

Task: Automate intralogistics processes while increasing safety and productivity

Linde solution: Implementation of autonomous Linde L-MATIC pallet stackers for pallet transport


Sector: Plastic technology

Task: Automate transport between production and dispatch processing

Linde solution: Implementation of automated, driverless Linde L-MATIC AC pallet stackers including geo-navigation


More customized, smarter, more sustainable: car manufacturing is evolving more rapidly than most others at the moment. In order to meet these requirements, the manufacturers’ highly efficient production processes need to be made even more flexible. The optimization of the internal materials flows via automation and digitization are crucial success factors in achieving this. Success stories from our customers in the automotive industry demonstrate how Linde solutions support production workflows through automation while lowering costs at the same time.


Sector: Automotive industry

Task: Planning and implementation of an automated transport system for assembly line supply

The Linde solution: Autonomous tow tractor solution with Linde P-MATIC, various trailers and geo-navigation

Chemicals industry

The chemicals industry has always placed particular demands on intralogistics. Fast, seamless processes and maximum safety for man and machine go hand in hand in internal material flows. Explosion-proof trucks and highly developed automation solutions are the fundamental building blocks of a trouble-free and low-risk production environment. Our success stories show how Linde’s solutions optimally support chemicals manufacturers’ processes.


Sector: Chemicals industry

Task: Analysis, planning, and implementation of an AGV solution for pallet transport and connecting them with production facilities

The Linde solution: Automated, driverless Linde L-MATIC AC pallet stacker including geo-navigation

Electrical industry

The electrical industry is one of the world’s largest yet most innovative industries. As a component supplier, it is an essential cog in the global supply chains of the manufacturing sector. In order to rise to this challenge, the companies generally rely on a complex network of optimally organized logistics centers. Digitization and automated processes provide a multitude of possibilities when it comes to increasing efficiency. The Linde solutions in the following application examples provide impressive evidence of this.


Sector: Electrical industry

Task: Optimize the internal goods flow and reduce the number of manual transport journeys in the warehouse and production environment

The Linde solution: Implement and commission two automated Linde L-MATIC pallet stackers for transport routes between assembly and finished goods warehouse


Sector: Ventilation and drive technology

Task: Automate transport between packing line and dispatch pick-up point

The Linde solution: Supply and implementation of three automated Linde L-MATIC pallet stackers including connection to the SAP Extended Warehouse Management system


With annual turnovers in the multi-billion range, retail is one of the mainstays of the economy. Online trade and increasingly individual customer requirements are creating more and more challenges for companies. High speed and smooth-running processes are required to meet the increasing demands being placed on intralogistics. Retailers are increasingly mastering the high complexity if their internal material flows using innovation strategies that rely on a clever mixture of networking, automation, and digitalization. In our user examples, you will find out which Linde solutions can help you to tackle these challenges.


Sector: Heating and plumbing wholesale

Task: Automate the transport process for palletized goods between order picking and dispatch area

The Linde solution: Reorganize the goods flow and implement two autonomous Linde L-MATIC pallet stackers with geo-navigation

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Linde Material Handling tarjoaa valtavan valikoiman automaattitrukkeja joustaviin ja skaalautuviin automaatioratkaisuihin. MATIC-sarjan sähkötrukeissa, lavansiirtotrukeissa ja vetotrukeissa on älykästä navigointi- ja turvallisuusteknologiaa, ja ne toimivat yhdessä ihmisten kanssa ahtaimmissakin paikoissa.

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Software for intralogistics and automation

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