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Technology & Innovation

Logistics solutions that look to the future
Logistic Trains by Linde meet the changing challenges in modern production.

Re-thinking material flow

In networked industries, people and machines work together closer than ever before. When the flow of goods and materials are controlled digitally, and goods reach their destination via a fully automated journey, intelligent logistics plays a key role in adding value for companies. Linde Material Handling is shaping the future, today. Showing the same ingenuity as the company’s founders, today Linde engineers and technicians work on efficient solutions for complex intralogistics tasks. With a deep understanding of customers’ and operators’ requirements, they question traditional approaches. Combining productivity, safety, and ergonomics results in technical innovations and new approaches for fleet management as well as service models that enable users to generate sustainable competitive advantages.


Peruutusavustinkamera on tekoälyä hyödyntävä kamerapohjainen avustinjärjestelmä, joka varoittaa kuljettajaa törmäämisestä jalankulkijoihin ja hidastaa trukin nopeutta.

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Linde Door Control

Linde Door Controlin ansiosta trukkien ja pikaovien väliset törmäykset ovat menneisyyttä. Door Control -järjestelmä suojaa ovien kautta kulkevia trukkeja ja säästää kustannuksia.

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Turvallisuutta parantava jalankulkijoiden varoitusnauha

Nauhan älyteknologia varoittaa jalankulkijoita mahdollisista vaaroista etukäteen valoilla, värinällä ja äänellä turvallisuuden parantamiseksi.

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Your Intelligent Charge Management

The Linde Material Handling connect:charger provides a cost-effective and intelligent solution for managing the charging of electric industrial trucks.

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Linde Motion Detection

Linde Motion Detection is an assistance system that detects movements behind the forklift truck and warns the driver, thus preventing accidents.

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The Innovative Rack Protection System

The Linde Rack Protection Sensor automatically slows down the truck when approaching racks and prevents collisions and damage.

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Linde Multifunction Lever

The Linde Multifunction Lever is a new human machine interface that integrates all operating functions and ensures the best possible ergonomics and optimum ease of use.

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Lighting options from Linde Material Handling

Optimal lighting options from Linde for increased safety and efficiency

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Navigating Narrow Aisles Risk-Free

Linde’s aisle safety assistant (ASA) helps to reduce damage to the warehouse environment as the forklift truck adapts its movement to its surroundings.

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Linde Warehouse Navigation

Narrow pathways and high lifting heights—narrow aisle storage is cost-effective for companies, but at the same time places high demands on the trucks working there and their operators. Linde Warehouse Navigation supports the driver and greatly increases productivity.

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Interactive Warning Vest for Maximum Safety

The interactive warning vest is the latest addition to Linde Material Handling’s innovative Safety Guard system. It has been designed to alert wearers, in particular forklift drivers and pedestrians, to potential dangers ahead of time. The smart technology in the vests warns wearers of potential dangers using light signals, vibrations, and acoustic warnings, thereby maximizing safety in both inside and outside areas.

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Assistant for the safe handling of goods

Linde Load Management Advanced makes moving goods with pallet stackers easier and safer. It gives the operator clear visual and acoustic warning signals on a large color display. It even disables the lifting function automatically if the actual load weight exceeds the maximum load capacity.

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Simple Coordination of Jobs and Drivers

The Linde Truck Call app simplifies the allocation of transport jobs within the fleet and streamlines communication between fleet managers and drivers significantly.

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Active Stability Control

Very narrow aisle trucks are used for working at great height. The aisles are narrow and the distances to the rack are calculated very precisely. Because of that, even the slightest unevenness in the warehouse floor can become a problem. Linde Material Handling’s Active Stability Control assistance system for the K truck provides an innovative solution.

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The Linde TruckSpot

Narrow racking aisles, visually restricted intersections and confusing areas often make it difficult for pedestrians to see a reversing truck in time. The Linde TruckSpot, an optical warning signal solution, uses a light signal to announce that the vehicle is approaching.

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Linde VertiLight and Linde LED Stripes

Having the right amount of light at all times is essential to safety and efficiency when working with industrial trucks. With the Linde VertiLight and Linde LED Stripes, Linde Material Handling offers two innovative lighting concepts.

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Linde Safety Scan

Safety is a key productivity factor when mobile handling equipment and pedestrian personnel are moving around in the same space. The Linde Safety Scan effectively minimizes the potential safety risks that can occur in a working environment.

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Linde Safety Guard

Teollisuustrukkien käyttöön liittyy monimutkaisia ihmisten ja koneiden välisiä vuorovaikutuksia. Linde Safety Guard on innovatiivinen avustinjärjestelmä, joka parantaa sekä trukkien kuljettajien että lähellä olevien jalankulkijoiden turvallisuutta.

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Vety on tärkeä osa tulevaisuuden energiataloutta. Linde Material Handling tarjoaa huipputeknistä polttokennoteknologiaa erinäisillä teollisuustrukeille.

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The energy system for the logistics of today and tomorrow

The material handling equipment industry has long been a pioneer in electromobility. The challenge: to achieve the same high vehicle availability as with combustion engine-powered vehicles. This is where Linde's Li-ION technology demonstrates its strengths.

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Linde Safety Pilot

Using the Safety Pilot from Linde Material Handling when driving counterbalance forklift trucks helps to prevent them from tipping over in most cases.

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Dynamic Mast Control

The driver assistance system Dynamic Mast Control for reach trucks from Linde Material Handling ensures increased safety and efficiency by reducing mast oscillation.

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Rotating driver’s work station and rotating cabins

A clear view without turning your head, even when reversing: The rotating work station takes the strain off the forklift driver’s spine. If it’s good for the driver, it also improves operational processes.

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Linde BlueSpot™

The driving path warning system Linde BlueSpot™ increases operational safety, as the LED spot makes the forklift truck visible without making a noise.

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